Ulcerative Colitis and Vitamin A

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Vitamin A can reduce damaging effects of inflammation

I recently read an interesting post on a Colitis forum by a UCer who, after reading about a study on Vitamin A and Crohn's, used Vitamin A to help clear up their Colitis. By coincidence, I've realised that the diet I use to help alleviate my colitis symptoms is quite high in vitamin A.

The UCer who left the message states that they had been using Pentasa enema but it hadn't worked, they were just about to start a course of steroids when they read about a study on Vitamin A and Crohn's. They decided to take some vitamin A tablets to see if it would help.

Using a supermarket's own brand Vitamin A tablet (which also contained omega-3 and Vitamin D), they took one a day for a couple of days. They then upped the dose to 2 a day and in their own words, "the UC symptoms cleared up in a few days".

This is interesting and useful information. The study concludes that vitamin A can reduce the damaging immune responses that lead to inflammatory bowel disease.

It appears that some of the molecules in Vitamin A release an acid that intervenes with certain inflammatory proteins released in repsonse to intestinal bacteria. The Vitamin A molecules can reduce the damaging effect of the gut bacteria and promote recovery of the damaged tissue in the intestine. Here's the link to the Vitamin A Study

Colitis Diet - Vitamin A

My UC flare-up diet (and the diet I've kept as part of my 'remission' diet), consists in large parts of sweet potato, spinach and carrots - 3 foods that are high in Vitamin A. Read my 'remedy idea' about sweet potato and colitis which helped alleviate some of my symptoms.