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Raw Milk

Raw Milk

Colitis Diet - Raw Milk

During the past couple of years I started researching food types that might help my Ulcerative Colitis. Among some of the information I found on natural foods were various articles about raw milk.

My first thought, like most, was that milk has to be pasteurised before it's safe to drink. However, after finding out more (from separate sources), it would appear that I'd learnt some misinformation along with the facts about milk.

The term 'raw' milk conjures up a picture of something unsafe, however, you could also call it 'real' milk, because it's how milk had been drunk for thousands of years before modern processes for mass consumption were used. In the UK, raw milk was drunk up to as recently as the 1950s; today it's still drunk in many parts of the world without any problem.

So what is Raw Milk? Well to keep it simple, all milk is 'raw' until it's processed for consumption. Therefore, 'raw milk' becomes 'pasteurised milk' after it has been heated to prolong the shelf life and to kill any potentially harmful bacteria (and any good bacteria) that might be present.

Homogenisation of raw milk is another process used - this is done by forcing raw milk at high pressure through small holes. The reason it's done is to create a standardised/consistent product that doesn't seperate e.g. the cream doesn't move to the top.

The elimination of potentially harmful bacteria that can cause disease is the reason given for making raw milk illegal in many countries. However, the whole story is that healthy cows living on an organic diet as intended are unlikely to produce contaminated milk - cows fed an unnatural diet, given injections to increase productivity and kept in poor conditions are likely to produce contaminated milk which requires pasteurisation.

So what has this got to do with Colitis? Well, the beneficial bacteria and enzymes (as well as amino acids, omega-6, and some minerals) in raw milk have helped many overcome illness, including those suffering from symptoms of colitis - pasteurised milk does not contain these beneficial ingredients.

Real life example...

It's always great to hear a real life success story about natural food (you can find many about raw milk on the internet). So I was pleased to read a post on a forum by a UCer who has started using raw milk. I was even more pleased that she allowed me to share her experience!

Thank you Magda M

Magda decided to give raw milk a try after reading up on it - she was in the middle of a flare with around 15 BMs per day.

Day 1: Magda had a large glass of warmed raw milk first thing in the morning and prepared to carry on as normal e.g. by visiting the toilet 15 times! However, in her own words, "something weird happened!!" She didn't experience any symptoms of Colitis!! She had another glass of milk after lunch and only 2 BMs throughout the day.


Anyone that has suffered from colitis for any length of time and sees a quick improvement is suspicious, Magda was no different and was intrigued to see what would happen on day 2.

Day 2: Magda repeated the process with 2 glasses of raw milk; one in the morning and one at noon - nothing! She was amazed and at the end of the day there was just 1 solid BM.

Day 3: I have to admit that I couldn't believe something could work so quickly and responded to Magda's post to ask if she'd changed anything else outside of the raw milk. She confirmed that she hadn't and reported that on day 3, there was no urgency and just 1 BM.

I'm really pleased that this is working for Magda, it's incredible how quickly she has seen positive results! It's a fantastic real life example of the benefits of natural food and how it can help some. Of course with Ulcerative Colitis, everyone is affected differently, but it's encouraging that Magda was brave enough to try something new and share it so others can learn.

I feel the beneficial bacteria in raw milk are similar to those in natural yoghurt that has helped some UCers, and hopefully for Magda, the bacteria are rebalancing the gut which will mean less chance of flare-ups in the future. Great stuff!

I would like to add that Magda is Admin of a nice Facebook group called Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns - Natural Cures. As the title suggests, the group is for those with IBD who are looking for natural ways to reach remission and as a result, it has a lovely open minded vibe.

You can find Magda's group here: Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns - Natural Cures