Large Colon and Ulcerative Colitis

Remedy Ideas

Different Mesalazine Tablets

I thought this was worth mentioning even though it's not a natural remedy, the knowledge may still benefit some UCers out there.

Originally during my flare-up I was taking 6x400mg Mesalazine tablets with the manufacturing name of Asacol. A few weeks into the flare-up I happened to pick up my tablets from a different pharmacy, when I got home I noticed they were in different packaging and a different shape. They had the manufacturing name of Ipocol.

After a couple of days I noticed a lot less symptoms. I'm now convinced this is due to the tablets because I've made the switch from Asacol to Ipocol a few times and always noticed an improvement.

After doing some research, I managed to find the results of trials of the different tablets and it appears that the difference is the time it takes the tablets to dissolve.

Enteric Tablets

Most oral colitis tablets that treat the large colon have an 'enteric' coating. An enteric coating is used when a tablet needs to release (dissolve) further along the digestive system - it works by reacting to the different pH level at the end of the small intestine

So when the timings in the table below state that a tablet releases after 1.5 hours, it means when it reaches the part of the small intestine with the different pH level and not from when the tablet was swallowed.

Here are the timing differences I found:

Ipocol Asacol
  • Starts releasing after 1.5 hours
  • 80% released after 4 hours
  • 100% released after 13 hours
  • Starts releasing after 3.5 hours
  • 80% released after 13 hours
  • 100% released after 18 hours

FYI: I'm based in the UK and I've realised that different chemists/pharmacies stock different manufacturers of mesalazine tablets although apparently it's possible to ask them to order a specific brand in.

Finally, we know colitis is specific to each UCer, so I feel the tablets might work if you have similar inflammation to me; my colitis intially seems to start at the rectum then move further along as far as the transverse colon. The Ipocol tablets seem to help my symptoms from the transverse colon down to the bottom of the descending colon. For the sigmoid colon and rectum; Asacol seems to be more useful. Never easy is it?!!!!