Ulcerative Colitis and Turmeric

Fermented Food

Fermented Food

Here's a Remedy Idea for UCers; one which has been used successfully as part of a diet by some sufferers. See the bland diet that helped a colitis sufferer.

First of all, as usual, we need to remember that not all foods will work for all IBD sufferers and some may cause symptoms to get worse - please use caution when trying anything new; consult your Doc and use tiny amounts to test for negative effects!

So perhaps the most well known examples of fermented foods are sauerkraut or natural yoghurt, although there are many different types eaten across the world (cheese, kefir, pickles, soy sauce, bread etc., etc.). Fermentation has been used to create food and beverages for thousands of years. More info on fermented foods and probiotics.

Natural bacterial fermentation of sauerkraut is as simple as placing cabbage and salt into an air tight glass container, although the temperature needs to remain around 18 deg C to enable the different types of bacteria to ferment in the correct order.

In reference to Colitis: Certain strains of bacteria that result from fermentation inhibit the growth of some harmful bacteria and are known to possess potential therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties. They can also help to strengthen and re-balance the gastrointestinal tract (sometimes referred to as the GI, which is made up of the stomach and intestines).

Colitis Diet - Fermented Food

In the past I have eaten natural set yoghurt as part of a daily remission diet after coming out of a previous flare-up - although I tend to favour probiotic supplements most of the time.

NOTE: in reference to my breakfast, it's worth mentioning that water melon can cause diarrhea for some (especially during a flare-up).

I'm continuing with it because as a natural probiotic, I'm hoping it will help maintain a balance of 'good' bacteria. The yoghurt I use contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum and Streptococcus thermophilus

To the right is an actual pic of my breakfast! Wow!! It might look like a bowl of tomatoes and potato but it isn't!