Ulcerative Colitis Remedy / Remission Idea

Remedy Ideas

Regular excercise, plenty of sleep and removing stress

Thanks to Jon C

After 10 years on different meds with little hope of a normal life Jon's symptoms took a turn for the worst and he was only days from having his colon removed. He decided enough was enough and changed his life so it wouldn't be dominated by colitis

Now, Jon has had 2 years symptom free with no maintenance meds and just a few supplements. This is very encouraging for UCers and it's great that he has shared his particular remedy.

A very important point made by Jon is that it's not an easy or quick fix. I agree with this: colitis never makes things easy and it takes great discipline, dedication and courage to replace meds with supplements/diet etc.

The table below shows a summary plus notes underneath:

Lifestyle Remission Diet Supplements Foods Avoided
  • Plenty of sleep and a set routine
  • Blackout curtains and a good mattress to aid sleep
  • Plenty of moderate exercise
  • Eat healthily
  • Avoid stress
  • More soluble foods
  • White bread
  • Pasta
  • Green tea
  • Curry with Cumin/Turmuric
  • Slippery elm capsules
  • and loose to make tea with
  • Multi vitamins with probiotics
  • Curcumin with bioperine
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Insoluble fibre
  • Fatty / spicey food
  • At most once a week as a treat
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Limited caffeine

The meds Jon managed to cut out were Pentasa which he replaced with slippery elm and Prednisone which he stuck with until the diet/supplements worked. He was on 80mg when the colitis was at it's worse but got down to 20mg then gradually dropped the dose by 5mg per week to 0mg when he was convinced the diet/supplements were working.

Jon was eating steamed fish, rice and carrots for 6 months whilst waiting for the symptoms to slowly subside.

In reference to sleep, with the new mattress and blackout curtains Jon's sleeping habit changed from 4 hours of disturbed sleep to a regular 8 hours. As well as not taking steroids, cutting out caffeine was also part of this improved pattern.

He noticed the biggest difference when he introduced regular exercise, better quality sleep and less stress.